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Our Mobile B2B solution has been designed to address the challenges in the Manufacturer- Dealer relationship

The significance of Dealers in the Consumer Durables domain cannot be overstated. In this domain, thousands of Dealers usually exist within the Manufacturer’s network. These dealers are in closest proximity to market realities. They also deal with geographical challenges and are often not equipped with sufficient data to make accurate decisions.

Our Mobile B2B solution has been designed to address this and other challenges in the Manufacturer-Dealer relationship (as described in our Consumer Durables page).

Our mobile solution connects the Manufacturer and its Dealers together in real-time, thereby eliminating most of the existing challenges. There is no longer a need to indulge in repetitive communication involving human resources on both sides. The required information is available to both parties at all times. In fact, our handy Mobile B2B solution offers the following blessings:

  • Dealers can now send new customer information to the Manufacturer in real-time. This enables the Manufacturer to service its customers better and, perhaps, make auxiliary sales possible.
  • Previously, market conditions might have changed by the time business data trickled up to the Manufacturer. But now, with real-time sharing of data, accurate inventory management and demand forecasting becomes possible.
  • Dealers can also be smarter in managing their inventory. Having complete clarity on the lead time for each product variant, they will only stock only those products that have longer lead times. The capital they free up in this manner can be used for growing their business.

These are just highlights of what our Mobile B2B solution can do for our clients. It is worth noting that, unlike the computer revolution, the mobile revolution has touched every section of Indian society, including the community of Dealers. As a result, a mobile solution requires minimal or zero infrastructure investment on the part of the Dealer. And he no longer needs to be anchored in his office in order to monitor his sales trajectory, credit limit and other key indicators. He can carry his solution with him to new geographies, no matter how remote. This leads to everybody’s growth, including the Manufacturer.

A far-reaching solutuion!

Before the project began, TexMo was struggling to engage the 2000+ Dealer network on real-time basis. The existing B2B Distributor Portal was helping TexMo reach out to a section of urban Dealers, but many Dealers, especially in rural India, were experiencing challenges in embracing the technology.

So the key question was: can TexMo help all its Dealers to achieve enhanced levels of productivity and growth and in turn gain access to valuable real-time data?

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"Channel Bridge was successfully able to roll out our nationwide mobile application. Security was a key challenge here, as multiple details of dealers from all over the country had to be stored efficiently and confidentially."

Mrs. Ramachandran, MD Texmo Industries