The Retail domain shares many of its challenges with the FMCG domain.

What makes it unique is the dire need for rich data on secondary sales in real-time. For many retail-driven businesses, the lack of secondary sales visibility applies equally to chain stores as well as single-outlet shops.

Not knowing who is buying what from where can lead to disastrous assembly-line decisions..

These businesses are able to partially address the challenge by hiring employees or vendors to visit retail outlets and collect data. This is a good idea. And it can become a better idea if these personnel can carry a mobile app solution into stores and use that app to send back crucial data in real-time.

That’s what our FFA application comes in.

Getting the message across

Britannia has, for a while now, relied on 5 Merchandising Agencies that together employ 300 field agents to implement their merchandising tasks. Before the project began, Britannia had little visibility into the effectiveness of their merchandising work. So the key question became: can sophisticated merchandising data be received by the HO on a daily basis and consolidated in a meaningful manner?

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"Channel Bridge was successfully able to roll out our nationwide mobile application. Security was a key challenge here, as multiple details of dealers from all over the country had to be stored efficiently and confidentially."

Mrs. Ramachandran, MD Texmo Industries