When I conduct a Survey, I want to:

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Smart businesses rely on Surveys to understand the customer’s current perceptions and future needs. But can smart businesses rely on the data collected through Surveys?

Pen-and-paper Surveys are replete with issues such as:

  • Loss of data – paper can be lost in transit at any point in the process
  • Deliberate data fudging – unethical Field Agents could randomly enter data to meet their targets
  • Multiple data entry – Field Agent’s data needs to be collated by HO staff
  • Inaccurate data entry – illegible handwriting, ink smears, paper damage and space constraints play a part here
  • Prolonged lead times – data collation can take as long as data collection

Our Survey solution answers all these challenges at once. In fact, the benefits of the solution can be split into four broad dimensions:

Cost savings

Couriering is eliminated.

No data loss, so no wasted labour cost.

Single data entry – reduced labour cost.

Enhanced data accuracy

Handwriting legibility, ink smears, paper damage and space constraints are eliminated.

Location of the data entry point is mapped to each response, hence data fudging is minimized.

UI design minimizes data entry errors.

Time savings

Zero delay between data push in the Field and data visibility in the HO.

Real-time monitoring and analyses of emerging data – immediate corrective action can be taken to ensure that responses are complete and accurate.

HO, Market Research Agency and Field Agents are in sync at all times, thereby reducing communication overheads.

Best-fit deployment

Platform of choice – mobile, tablet, PC and/or web.

Look-and-feel can be customized to suit the Brand’s needs.

Multi-language deployment requires minimal additional effort.

The solution works offline, so network outages and remote geographies cease to be issues.

Solution has infinite scalability.

Questionnaires can be created or modified within minimal effort.

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"Channel Bridge was successfully able to roll out our nationwide mobile application. Security was a key challenge here, as multiple details of dealers from all over the country had to be stored efficiently and confidentially."

Mrs. Ramachandran, MD Texmo Industries