About Us

Our Vision

Enable our clients in realizing their full potential; people working together to create value and make a difference.

Evolving solutions for an interconnected world and thereby ensuring that our clients realize their highest potential.

Our Mission

Assist our clients in aligning all their stakeholders to form a potent, connected enterprise that shares a common vision, creates value and makes a difference.

What you can expect from us

We optimize distribution-led businesses. We feel confident enough to make such a bold statement because of our past achievements (read our Case Studies) and our plans for the future.

Handling the SCM processes in a distribution-led business is a challenging proposition. This is more so in India, one of the most diverse, dynamic and ambiguous geographies in the world. We understand your challenges. And we have made it our business to help you achieve your goals.

We geared up to the challenge by working extensively in our three focus domains – FMCG, Consumer Durable and Retail – and investing our own resources in understanding and addressing the challenges therein. As a result, we are in a position to offer you the following advantages:

Business expertise

We utilize our business expertise in two ways:

  • By offering consulting services to clients who want to take that route
  • By understanding your unique needs and building solutions that are tailor-made for you. Our  suite of solutions is built on industry best practices, but we understand that they need to be  customized so that they can deliver miraculous results to you.

Technical expertise

By which we not only mean our ability to build robust applications on mobile and web platforms. We have a team that has delivered complex technological solutions for Fortune-500 clients. But we realize that technology is a means and not an end. Hence you can expect our solutions to satisfy the following two criteria:

Realistic deployment

Even the best of solutions fail if they don’t take ground realities into account. We understand the constraints of all the stakeholders in a distribution-led business. And our solutions are designed to achieve maximum penetration at minimal cost. An entry-level smart phone will suffice. Offline solutioning is a must. And we know that data network speeds are variable, even though our users require large volumes of data transfer on a daily basis. Our solutions take these constraints into account. In most implementations, the number of users who embraced the solution has left our customers wonderstruck.

Sleekness and sophistication

If B2C applications can be sleek and sophisticated, then so can B2B applications. In fact, many B2B solutions fail because they are chunky or inelegant or both. We understood this early on. As a result, the phrase “sleek and sophisticated” has become a driving mantra for us.


You’ve already seen that our Realistic Deployment model reduces cost to a great extent. On top of that, we offer:

  • Pay-per-use or licensing options &
  • Flexible hosting options

Why do we offer you the best RoI? Because we can.


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"Channel Bridge was successfully able to roll out our nationwide mobile application. Security was a key challenge here, as multiple details of dealers from all over the country had to be stored efficiently and confidentially."

Mrs. Ramachandran, MD Texmo Industries